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Application in Laser Cutting Machine

Application in Laser Cutting Machine

In recent years, laser cutting technology is developing very fast, with 15%~20% ratio of rising every year. In modern industrial production, laser cutting technology is widely used in sheet metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, semiconductors, textiles, wood, paper and other materials processing. Additionally, with the development of LoT, Industrial 4.0, Smart factory, factory automation, industrial automation, the laser industry together with others machine manufacturing industry will step into a new stage.

Application requirements:
The device is usually composed of an industrial display which is fixed into a a machine control panel, and a host computer for laser cutting. The operators use the professional software application in the system , to control the laser radiate into the objective metal surface, to fulfil the accurately cutting. To get easy operation and user-friendly software interface, the equipment may also need to be touch capable.
For the application, the machine needs to be suitable for heavy dust, lots of scrap iron, and shock&vibration environment.

Eye-cube industrial touch displays are suitable for the laser cutting system, 10 inch to 24 inch available. The resistive/capacitive touch screen displays communicate with the host computer through the USB ports. It is designed with high strength steel box structure and fastening plug, rugged and shock resistant. The panel-mounting design can effectively prevent the dust and iron filings from entering into the control cabinet.

1. 10 inch to 24 inch are available

  1. Front IP65 protection rating, rugged high strength metal box structure;
    3. Installation: Embedded / VESA
    4. DC 12V input, +9V~36V wide voltage input optional
  2. HDMI/VGA/DVI multiple signal input supported

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