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Food/Medical Treatment

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Application in Food Automation Factory

In the field of food and medical treatment, we are committed to providing solutions that meet stringent hygiene and safety standards, ensuring product quality and patient health

The development of the food processing industry is very important to people. It is related to our basic quality of life. With the rapid developing of economy, more and more people begin to pursue higher life quality, and the requirements for food quality and safety have been continuously improved, which has undoubtedly brought challenges to the food processing industry. The development of the food industry is also facing serious global competition, and foreign companies for food industry automation have become very common and advanced.
The automation of food processing plants has the following benefits:(1) To reduce material and labor costs, and the automation system has unparalleled accuracy and repeatability; (2) Can guarantee quality and process control; (3) Superior information processing capabilities and advanced industrial computer control System; (4) Safer and more reliable hygiene requirements.

Application requirements:
The requirement for food factory automation environment is much stricter than common industrial automation. The food automation factories require the material to be food grade. The preventing of oil stains, corrosion and sanitary washing damage and dust from entering is the biggest challenge for the food industry. Therefore, food automation factories are often required to use stainless steel materials, or even food grade:

●Corrosion Resistance

●Bacteria Resistance


●Easy to clean

The WPC series Full Waterproof Industrial Computers developed by Eye-cube are specially designed for industrial IoT applications with strict hygiene requirements. It’s with IP69K protection grade SUS304/316 stainless steel housing. The industrial-grade M12 I/O connectors can prevent sanitary washing damage and dust from entering. It eliminates the damage caused by washing. The IP69K protection grade can withstand the washing in sanitary and aseptic environments, widely used in food, beverage, meat, pharmaceutical and medical industries.

● Robust and corrosion-resistant 304/316 stainless steel panel, IP69K protection level;
● 19” LCD screen, resolution 1280×1024, multi points capacitive touch;
● Intel Celeron J1900 2.0GHz processor;
● Multiple I/O ports optional: LAN/USB/COM/HDMI/VGA;
● Rugged and durable industrial grade M12 I/O connectors.


IPC-M019ASC | 19″ Panel PC Intel Celeron J4125

IPC-M019ASC uses sturdy and corrosion-resistant stainless steel panels, with a protection level of IP69, suitable for clean food factories or other humid working environments.

In addition, IPC-M019ASC also has an efficient heat dissipation system and a reliable industrial grade circuit board, which can operate stably in harsh working environments. It also supports multiple input and output interfaces and expansion slots, making it convenient for users to customize and expand. In addition, IPC-M019ASC also has rich security functions, such as password protection, data encryption, etc., to ensure the security and stability of the system.

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